Does neck pain interrupt your day, causing stress, tension, and sleep loss?

Designed here in the UK, the therapy hand neck massager is a self supporting, vibratory, rechargeable massage device specifically designed to relieve the common complaints of neck pain and neck discomfort. While many neck massagers may require more time and space, the therapy hand neck massagers compact design allows for it to be used anywhere, at any time of day, whenever you need it most.

Our neck muscles are fragile, and can easily be injured and irritated by common posture problems brought on by what we go through in everyday life. Neck tension refers to neck pain that arises when the muscles in the neck cannot relax. When the neck muscles cannot relax, this contributes to soreness, neck muscle spasms, and even headaches over time.

Designed with you in mind, the therapy hand neck massager uses vibration to relax and soften the muscles in your neck. When these muscles are relaxed, muscle tension is reduced, and neck spasms are relieved.

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It's now your time, relieve the tension.

The perfect solution to the end of your day

At Home Massage

Relieve your stress by snugly fitting the massager around your neck, turn on your end of day playlist, relax & allow the vibration to relieve your neck tension.


When the body is relaxed, the muscles soften. The feeling of relaxation helps to reduce muscle tension and in turn chronic pain.

Improved Sleep

The benefits of improved sleep are significant for health and well being. This includes boosting your immune system, improves digestion & elevates your mood.

Positive Thinking

As we relax, the mind calms and becomes clearer which aids concentration, decision making and promotes a positive, balanced outlook.


What is the most common cause of neck pain?

Muscle strain, which can be brought on by even the most simple activities such as using a phone or typing on a computer. These tasks lead to us all spending a lot of time with our neck tilted downwards. Over time, this can lead to muscle strain in the neck, which contributes to pain and discomfort. Additionally, neck pain can emerge from common injuries such as sudden impact forcing your head forwards or backwards.

Can neck pain cause dizziness?

Yes, many people experience neck pain and dizziness together. Dizziness accompanied with neck pain can also involve other symptoms such as blurred vision & light headedness.

Can neck pain cause headaches?

Sometimes, neck pain can contribute to throbbing, uncomfortable headaches. Alternatively the same can also happen in reverse, where headaches can eventually lead to neck pain & spasms. Several pain mechanisms and pathways that are interconnected explain the pain relation between the neck and the head.