We look after your well-being

With over 30 years of experience in the Therapy & Well-being industry, we have acquired an in-depth knowledge which helps us develop and turn our ideas into products. We help our clients with their everyday ailments. 

Our Brand

Therapy Hand is the brand name for unique massage products. The Therapy Hand Neck Massager may help assist in the prevention of common neck pain. It may help relieve discomfort whilst helping to alleviate everyday stress which over time could result in ailments such as headaches.

The mind behind our products...

Throughout my 30 years of experience working within the Spa Industry, I have acquired the unique knowledge and process of developing ideas and turning them into market-ready products.

These products come from a place of helping others to allow them achieve balance and harmony through effective massage therapy. I am a highly professional and experienced therapist, qualified in anatomy and physiology. 

The Therapy Hand Neck Massager is the first in a new range of home-use products. The process of designing this unique product has taken three years. Through various iterations of trials and product testing I am now ready to launch this product within the health and well-being market. 

This new product goes hand in hand with the “new normal”, due to the hectic working from home lifestyle and poorly conceived temporary work spaces. This product is ideal for those who don’t have the time to visit a registered massage therapist and can also relieve tech neck which is caused by using an incorrect ergonomic work space.

I hope you enjoy the Therapy Hand Neck Massager.

Lynette McGinn

Owner & Therapist