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Therapy Hand Neck Massager

How to operate and use our Neck Massager

  • Press the power button for 2 seconds to turn your Therapy Hand Neck Massager on, the icon will then light up
  • Press the power button to feel the deep vibration, to turn off the vibration press the button again
  • Place your Therapy Hand Neck Massager comfortably on the back of your neck
  • Bend the arms to fit snugly around your neck
  • Press power button to begin your 10 minute massage
  • Sit back, relax & enjoy
The arms are made from soft silicone with a flexible band insert
  • Gently bend the arms at the end nearest the grey control unit to widen or narrow the gap depending on your neck size
  • The arms should feel snug around the back of the neck, with a slightly loose fit towards the front
  • Make sure the arms are not pinching the front of the neck
  • If the arms are too tight at the front of the neck it could cause you to feel light headed

Yes you can repeat the session, we suggest not using the massager for longer than 30 minutes in one sitting

  • To repeat the massage simply press the power button 
  • Press & hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn off the unit
  • If you have a health condition which could be affected by an electronic vibratory device, please seek advice from a health professional prior to purchase
  • Try and keep your head in its natural upright position or supported by your chair during the massage to prevent muscle fatigue
  • If you have a skeletal issue, please seek medical advice from a health professional prior to purchase
  • If you have had neck problems in the past, it may take a few sessions to feel the muscles begin to relax
  • If you suffer from tinnitus, sinusitis or any other ENT related ailments the neck massager may bring your awareness to your condition on first use
  • If you suffer from recurring sinus infections we have found that during the first few minutes of using the massager it made our clients feel a little light headed, this quickly disappears after a couple of minutes
  • The massager takes 3 hours to fully charge using the supplied cable
  • A full charge should give at least four 10 minute sessions
  • Do not use the neck massager whilst charging

No need to worry, the vibration is stimulating your sensory nerves which can cause the tingling.  It can also be caused by increased blood flow to the area