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The Therapy Hand Neck Massager is a self-supporting, compact and effective vibratory massager. This unique and complementary therapy device is moulded from flexible soft-silicone, which allows for a perfect fit.**

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Stress and tension be gone! Through the power of the massage, the noise and vibration will lull your senses, all the while stimulating your sensory nerves. These sensory nerves relay information from the skin and muscles to your spinal cord and brain, which then allows you to feel calm, composed and utterly relaxed.

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Our massager may also help with stiff aching neck muscles, prevention of tension headaches, stimulation of sensory nerves*, increase postural awareness and may reduce muscle pain.

Neck Massager


The Therapy Hand Neck Massager is a self-supporting, compact, effective vibratory massager moulded from flexible soft silicone to fit snugly around most neck sizes.

Available exclusively at the Therapy Hand Day Spa, Cumnock.

* Skin may turn a pinkish hue and be slightly tingly on first use, If you are receiving any form of neck treatment, please consult a health professional prior to use.

**Therapy Hand Neck Massager is not a medical device and should not be used to treat acute neck injuries.

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The team at Therapy Hand are trained health and well-being professionals and are here to help with any of your questions or if you need more information about specific conditions.

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